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I know well enough that its not a correct source for reference usually, but how about editing things to "make" them correct?

i just finished editing a wiki myself for the first time ^_^

Base64 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

i added the Leet Key

such a great little extension that can encode/decode in many things, and also actually type in many others.

so has anyone else ever edited a wiki before? if so show us your handy work
Sure i have edited a wiki before. This one as a matter of fact. I did the Guides area with all the guides on how to burn a ISO to DVD and i did the Web Browser guides as well. I did the XP guide. I had the first draft of the Vista guide in there before it was replaced with the current guide. The Vista guide i had wrote was during the beta.

NeoSmart Technologies Guides - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

I edited the Wikipaedia entry on my ATi AIW card, saying it had an analogue TV tuner, which I corrected to analogue/digital.
Ever since I signed up at Wikipedia I've been editing articles (years now), but I'm what they consider to be a "gnome" there.

Gnomes don't add new content, they just fix grammar and remove non-factual content :smile:
I remember a story where someone edited a wiki to say that some rapper was dead. That was a big deal and since then they have to review your edit i think.
I personally haven't edited anything :frowning: