Eliminate the Windows 8 multiple boot menu on initial startup....

Don't know if this is in the right forum or if it should be in the Windows forum, but I thought i'd try here first in case EasyBCD has an option to fix this and I just can't find it. .

I quad boot Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Before adding Windows 8, I used to have a nice simple boot menu with my different OS choices on it that I could arrow up and down to choose. Since adding Windows 8, the computer now has the Windows 8 multiple boot menu and if I want to choose a different OS, the computer has to basically reboot. I thought I had resolved the issue with EasyBCD and I did to a certain extent. I can get my traditional boot menu like I had before, but only with a system restart if the computer has already been turned on. If I power down the computer, the first time I turn it back on I will get the Windows 8 multiple boot menu. From that point on, as long as I don't turn the power off, I will get the traditional boot menu on any system restart.

Does EasyBCD have an option to get the traditional boot menu back without having to boot to Windows 8 first on initial power up? Does any of this make sense? :smile:


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Windows 8 uses a different kind of boot menu from earlier OS's. You have to tell Windows 8 on that advanced boot menu that you want to set another system as the default. Normally that default system would be the one with EasyBCD installed. Where is it installed?

There a tutorial here on that with links to related tutorials at the bottom: Startup Options - Choose a Default OS to Run at Startup in Windows 8

For example I multi-boot Vista, 7 and 8, have EasyBCD installed in my default system, Vista. That way I see the old boot menu no matter what system I reboot.
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