Emergency Please Help!!!


A couple weeks ago, when I turned my computer on from a hibernation state, it gave three very loud beeps followed by two more and then a black screen with a bunch of text on it. Most of it seemed to be normal except “System configuration data updated ERROR Resource conflict allocation ERROR static node #0A Press F1 to resume” when I pressed F1, more text appeared saying “the file is possibly corrupt The file header checksum does not match the computed checksum”. After trying several times to restart the computer, it finally worked and was fine for a week or so. Then it did it again and then worked for a couple days. Then it started happening every time I would turn the computer on. I chatted with tech support at HP and they told me to try to reset the BIOS. I tried that but when I did, nothing seemed to happen (I don’t the BIOS was reset). I then tried to restore the computer to an earlier date which seemed to work. My computer cycled on and off several times without problems, although all of my shortcuts were inoperable and many websites, including Windows Update would not work. I use Firefox and the shortcut was still there but firefox.exe was gone. Now when I try to start the computer, startup repair comes up and eventually says that “windows cannot repair this computer automatically”. I have run Check disc twice. It found pages and pages of errors and deleted and replaced them which is when I started seeing the startup repair screen, and I have run the hard drive tests and the drive seems OK. The computer is an HP Pavilion dv2000. s/n 2CE73014GF, P/N GA537UA#ABA, series dv2419us. It is a year old and is running Windows Vista with the latest BIOS version. I have work on this computer that has not been backed up and I also have work that needs to be finished on it.
I tried a restore point. That didn't work. Then I plugged the hard drive into my desktop and was able to back up all my important stuff. I reformatted using the recovery tool. Now, after hours of reformatting and reconfiguring, it is doing the same thing. I need help. I've chatted with HP online support and called their support. Nothing has helped.
If it means anything, my computer now only displays a black screen at startup. I don't even hear the hard driverunning, just the fan. If I let the computer sit over night, I can usually start it normally one time. After that it's back to the black screen. I read on some other forums about others having the EXACT same problems. It seems as though some people were able to resolve the issue bu replacing the RAM. I have ordered new RAM and will try that. Any other ideas? I really need this computer for work. Also, some of the other people who I read about said the issue started after Windows updated itself. It is interesting to note that my caseis the same. I downloaded a Windows update (or rather windows did it automatically) and the computer required a restart to finish. Ever since that restart, I have had these issues. When I can get the computer to boot (onec per day) it is still requiring a restart which I cannot perform.