End of GParted LiveCD??

Mak 2.0

Staff member
On last July 30th, I wrote I was looking for a new livecd maintainer.
So far nodoby contacted me for this purpose.
During this time I continued maintaining the livecd,
releasing about once a month.
I am alone to maintain this livecd project since about 10 months,
and some other projects exist with about the same goals.
I think the best one is sysresccd, from François Dupoux.

If someone is interested by hacking gparted (not the livecd, but the soft),
which supposes a good knownledge on C++, let me know ! I can enable svn repository
and push files into it, and give access to them with read/write rights.

Good by !


>> Source: GParted-Livecd -- News

I thought for a second there that GParted itself was under lack of active development (because of his last paragraph) but it's just the live CD. sysresccd has a copy of GParted on it as well....