Enhancement: Copy existing entries


I often want to add a second boot entry that is an exact duplicate of the first, but has kernel debugging enabled.

It would be great if EasyBCD could implement the copy functionality for me, equivalent to bcdedit /copy.

E.g. on add/remove entries page add a copy button.

Thanks for a great tool
Hi ptr, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

The real reason bcdedit has a copy switch is because it takes a lot of steps to create a basic entry. With EasyBCD, all you need to do is go to the Add/Remove entries section, pick the OS, and press Add (for basic Windows entries, it'd require around 7 or 8 bcdedit commands to accomplish, and for Linux entries of course it's not even doable with bcdedit).

However, we'll look into the matter some more and see if there is an unobtrusive way of adding this feature.

Thanks for your recommendations :smile:
Hi, I did try that, but when I add a simple Windows Vista entry, the entry has many additional parameters that the standard entry does not have, e.g. a PAE setting, and the UI did not allow me to edit or remove any of those extra entries.

Maybe you could also look into reducing the number of parameters that are set when creating new entries.

But a copy would still be great :smile:

Thank you.
The settings EasyBCD uses when creating a new entry are optimized for best results, we won't be changing those for sure (though you can change the PAE settings from the advanced page).

Like I said though, I'll look into adding the "copy entry" feature.
Are there any docs on how the "optimized for best results" are determined, especially since they are diferent to what the default Vista installer uses?
In this case (PAE) they don't differ at all. A newly created entry doesn't have a field for PAE and is treated as the default value. EasyBCD explicitly assigns it the default value, which is clearer and easier to work with than leaving it undefined.