Enlarge partition question

I just set up my Dell M1210 laptop to dual boot. I now realize that the C: is much too small at 30 gigs (I still have to delete 'windows_old). I can use the True Image Disk Director to enlarge it. Does anyone see any issues here with the dual boot part?

The reason that I'm cautious here is that I dual booted this laptop last week. When I cloned the HD over to another one, the clone did not boot. Not only that, but the original didn't either! So just what happened, I don't know. Would anyone like to offer their opinion as to what happened?

Thanks for any help.
Ron N.
You can use GParted to increase the partition size as well. It is easy to use and free. But you should be able to use Disck Director as well. I know Guru uses that.

As for your dual boot, did you use the clone on the same system? It sounds like the original got corrupted by the cloning process. But if you didnt use the clone on the original PC it was because the ahrdware profiles didnt match. Only Linux can be moved easily from machine to machine without having to many isues. trying to move a Windows install from 1 machine to another will always corrupt the install.
Yes, the same machine

I've done this on many of my customer's computers, and never had an issue. I normally clone a HD before I start any heavy duty malware removal, correcting XP errors, or anything else that is risky. I always want a good "fallback position". But now I don't trust myself.

Thanks for your quick answer. I'll be awaiting more comments.
Ron N.
I don't see how cloning a drive can make it unbootable - doesn't seem logical :S

If all you want is to resize the partition, use Acronis Disk Director instead of True Image -it'll get the job done cleaner.