entry-based settings


I'm not "hep" on boot procedure, so bear with me! I have a dual boot config with xp on one drive and vista on a second drive, with xp as the default. Using BCD 1.7.1 I have two entries ... #1 is xp, and #2 is vista. What I'd like to do is make vista the default. When I select "Change Settings" I get the Global Settings and Entry-Based Settings options, but don't know what is meant by "Choose an OS to change the associated settings". Can someone explain what this means, and what I need to do with BCD to get vista as the default OS?
At the top of that screen you can choose which OS you want to be the default. So pick Vista from that list and press save.
The Change Settings screen consists of two sections, Global and Entry-Based. Are you saying I should just change the global to vista and ignore the entry-based?
Yes. Go with the Global Settings. That is the option you want to change. Entry Specific will only affect that OS. Global will be overall for your system.