Entry in boot manager that i cant get rid of


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Due to a diagnostic tool i used to repair a dodgy installation, i now have the bootmanager coming up when i start up my computer.

I has two entries:
"Windows Vista"
"Try this the 9th time" - (This was part of the diagnostic tool)

I have stopped it going into the bootmanager by setting its timeout to 0 but i want to put xp back on it again and dual boot which means ill need bootmanager screen but then there will be 3 entries.

I have opened EasyBCD and there is only one entry in the bootloader (Vista)

I don't know how to remove the other one. Any thoughts?
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Please post the contents of the "Detailed Mode" in the View Settings section of EasyBCD, so we can take a look at the actual BCD entries.

Get the identifier for the bad entry with bcdedit from the command prompt:


Copy the identifier and paste it in for {xxx} in the following command:

bcdedit /delete {xxx}