Environment variable errors and limited components

Joe wee

New Member
Hello there Neo People,

I have a laptop that had windows vista home edition on it and had an Idea to use a diff. installation disk (even though vista was already installed and had no frakin' errors.) to get some extra software possibly from it.
A diff. version of windows was installed...and now I have a limited....weak....laptop..
-I cannot download the recovery disc or the img burner because an error message comes up and states that it cannot find the environment variables.
-I cannot access my control panel..
-The system configuration tool is unaccessible with "The system cannot find the environment option that was entered" upon click.

The disk that I had used was from like a dell....I think I threw it away. My laptop is Acer. I have tried almost everything except buy the 230 dollar software CD. . which I aim not to do.
What are your recommendations...Im kinda flustered..
Is there something i can do?