ER Essentials Command Prompt

I purchased ER Essentials for Vista following reading the following instructions: Attempt Two: Manually Repairing the Windows Bootloader

Desperate times call for desperate measures. This time, we're going to select the "Launch command prompt" option and try to manually tell the Recovery Console what needs to be fixed. Chances are, this is as far as you'll have to go; hopefully it'll get the job done.
Go ahead and select "Command Prompt" from that list, and you should get a window not dis-similar to the one you see when run cmd.exe from Windows.
Let's start by telling the recovery console to fix our MBR and bootsectors:

bootrec.exe /fixmbrbootsect.exe /nt60 all /force

Then ask it (nicely!) to try and rebuild your BCD data from scratch:- MESSAGE RECEIVED - 'command not found'. PC originally in boot loop - now \boot\bcd does not contain a valid os entry : Where from here? Thanks.