Errghh. Helppp pleaaase!


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Okay, so I have an Asus M51sn, with windows vista home premium. Its about a year and a half old and getting a little sluggish and very cluttered, I've been trying for the last 3 hours to reset it to factory settings but nothing seems to be working. The vista dvd that came with it wont boot at all and there are no F1-12 functions upon start up and I could not find a way in safe mode or in the bios to change to get the dvd to autorun. A full restore to factory settings is necessary and I also have no previous system restore points saved and even if i did i am getting an error when i try to edit that in windows. I can't seem to find a similar error or any helpful information out there. Someone please have an answer for me :\


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Hi Erik, welcome to NST
Try hitting "esc" when you see the Asus splash screen, then it should allow you to access the recovery media in your CD/DVD drive.