Error: 0x80070002


Windows cannot open the required file D:\Sources\Install.wim. Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation. Error code: 0x80070002.

Hi people of neosmart :smile:

I have a medion laptop with vista home premium installed, it is a real version. I recently downloaded windows updates and ever since, when i log into any account eventually Explorer crashes. Being a new laptop with vista coming with it, i do not have the actual installation disc for home premium, and i have lost Windows Anytime Upgrade disc, which i don't know if could of helped me anyway.

I've made a disc with the Windows Vista x84? (not sure which number was, was the 32 bit, which was correct for me) Recovery Disc and ran the repair off it, it says there is no problems. Then i tried the install windows, but i get the above message and it shut down the disc i booted off. I have read a similar post to this on this forum [which i found off google..] and i read that it cannot install windows, so i don't know what i should do. If this is just a bug with my files or something, i can log on and ctrl+alt+Del/end process Windows explorer, run c:\ and get onto them files. But i am clueless as to what to do.

Hope you can understand the above jibuish, :??

Will be thankfull of any help at all :tongueout:
Hi Paul, welcome to NST.
The recovery disk ISOs hosted here contain no Windows installation files.
You cannot click on "install" (well of course you can, but nothing will happen except what you found)
They're provided for users with OEM PCs, which come supplied with a recovery partition and no bootable external media. They'll give you the ability to repair your boot if it gets broken, or do a system restore to an earlier point, but you can't reinstall Vista with them.
Thanks for the reply!

I have tried system restore back to as early as i can, but the explorer crash is still there. About the recovery things, when i open 'My Computer' i can see C:\ which containts program files etc, and D:\ which says Recovery section. I was told by someone to repeatedly press F8 on load up, i tried this and it opened up the Advanced Boot Options. "Choose Advanced Options for: Microsoft Windows Vista". This contains all of the options from Safe mode down to enable boot logging, etc, start windows normally. But i cannot see the "Repair your computer" option which if i am right should be above the top Safe mode button, just under "choose advanced..". I think i should have this because it came preinstalled without any disk containing vista.

Although i am unsure! Is there any way to ge tto this Repair your computer option if i cannot see it in the advanced boot options?

Thanks again :smile:
The way to access the OEM recovery facility differs between manufacturers.
Try F11 or F12. The documentation that came with the PC should be precise.
If you've lost the docs and 11 &12 don't work, stick around. Someone here will have the same make of PC and will be able to tell you. (I build my own from parts, so I have a Vista DVD, so I've no practical knowledge, sorry)
Try the manufacturer's website and search there for the right key or key combo.
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