error 0x800736cc


Im seeking knowledge on error code 0x800736cc..

I believe it is a corrupted file in the registry - 'file hash mismatch'

I get this error code when trying to update windows. I stumbled across it whilst trying to install SP1. Occasionally it asks me to validate windows, and has trouble doing so. Ive contacted microsoft who took me through many different procedures - none of which have worked. In the end they told me to reboot the computer and start from scratch. I bought this ex display model from PC World and was not given a recovery cd. Will this repair cd fix this type of error?

The torrent download consisted of a Zip file with 5 files as well as the ISO. Do I extract these files and write all to disc?

I have windows vista home premium on a dell xps 630.

thanks for your time
Hi Mr Fyffe, welcome to NST.
The recovery ISO is not a zipped file. You probably have "known filetypes" hidden and have allowed WinRAR or somesuch app to grab the ISO filetype association.
Download the torrent. Don't process it in any way. Burn it in its entirety to a CD as an ISO image, using Imgburn for preference, because it's free and it is known to work, unlike some of the alternatives.
You can use the recovery disk for three things,
1) fix the boot process when the BCD is broken and you can't access the PC.
2) access system restore to go back to any pre-problem restore point when you can't get into the OS or safe mode to do it.
3) Access the recovery console to issue DOS-like commands. (e.g. chkdsk) to fix amenable problems.

It contains no OS installation files and cannot be used to reinstall or fix a broken system other than by the previously mentioned means. If you have a thoroughly broken OS, and no available restore points, you'll need to contact your OEM for their recovery media, for which they'll make some charge, and which will be capable of "factory resetting" your PC, or borrow a Vista DVD from a friend, and reinstall Vista using the key from your PC not the one on the DVD.
Thanks for putting me straight Terry. I know what i have to do now. All avenues have been explored. Much easier getting a copy of vista of a friend & using my product key, Microsoft's help costs time & money.