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Hey guys, I haven't posted here in quite a while. Maybe about 1 year!

So I have an issue:

I have Windows Vista on first HD, first partition. I installed Windows XP on the first HD, second partition. Data on second HD, first partition. Mac OS X Leopard on second HD, second partition.

I need to get the Vista bootloader back, and I installed EasyBCD on Windows XP. However it gives me an error (which is the title for this thread)

So I tried using a Vista Recovery Disc (x86) from this website I got 6 months ago. By the way, it helps A LOT! So thanks SOOOOOOO much for the Vista recovery disc, as I have a HP that did not come with one.

So after months of preparing for Windows XP to be installed, finding drivers, buying a product key, and getting support from HP, this is the only problem I have.

By the way, I used the following command on the recovery disc:

bootrec /RebuildBCD

And I CANNOT use "bootrec /fixmbr" or "bootrec /fixboot"

I am still working on the issue, and I noticed that Computer Guru, you have a lot of fans over at InsanelyMac! Good job with EasyBCD, it is the most anti-crapware for Windows EVER.
Did your computer come with a Vista DVD? If it did, that is a recovery disc as well. Let Vista do all of the work for you by selecting Startup Repair 2 or 3 times (If it doesn't fix everything the first time).
Hey all, computer didn't come with a recov disc so i downloaded the one from this website, i cant use the startup repair, as it can mess up my MBR on the disc with Leopard on it. Leopard has already been flagged as active, and is using the Darwin/x86 bootloader which vista had an entry before of Darwin/x86. So I might just try and take a risk using "bootrec /fixmbr" or "bootrec /fixboot".

All right, here we go...
I need to get the Vista bootloader back.

You sure do... so why can't you use startup repair? It and the commands are the only way to get it back to boot Vista and be able to use EasyBCD like you wanted to in order to multiboot with OS X. And Startup repair performs the same things as bootrec fixmbr/fixboot would and then some.

While wiping the MBR and risking Leopard not booting, it is necessary to boot XP and Vista in a multiboot with it. EasyBCD allows you to add an entry to boot OS X to Vista's bootloader, so you should backup your files, do startup repair to get Vista booting, and then try adding an entry to boot Leopard using EasyBCD.

For further information on the proccess, check out: Mac OS X - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki
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And you must install NET 2.0 framework on XP before EasyBCD will work.
Well, it worked. I used the Vista recov x86 disc and ran the "bootrec /fixmbr" then "bootrec /fixboot" and Mac OS X Leopard doesnt get any stupid "HFS+ Partition Error" which I was worried about. Or even the more dreaded b0 error :S

I did install .NET framework 2.0, and also installing 3.5 right now.

Request topic closed, as I have completed my task. :??
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