Error 15 file not found


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Hello,I'm having a serious issue with my Dell inspiron 1045.After I force shut it down because it wasn't responding I got ERROR 15 file missing.I dont know what file it's talking about but how would I use easy bcd to fix this issue?Can i put something on a usb to make it bootable that'll fix the mbr or whatever?Thanks in advance.Vista was preinstalled but I upgraded to windows 7 I had 7 for almost a year
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You wont be able to use EasyBCD to fix this issue. This issue was caused when you shut down the machine improperly. EasyBCD is only a tool to modify the Windows Boot Loader. It can do nothing more and it cant fix corrupted files like this.

You will either have to use a Restore Point, Last Known Good Configuration or reset the machine to factory settings.