error 17 file not found / trouble booting Linux


Much thanks to Computer Guru, I got where I can now see both my Vista and Linux drives. No problem booting into Vista, but when I go to boot into LInux, (it goes through the changes and I get the screen to select), then eventually I get this:

Booting Linux Mint Kernel 2.6.20-16-generic
root (hd0, 0)
Filesystem type is NTFS, partition type 0x7
Kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.20-16-generic root=UUID=a053573e-1a95-400f-84e0-b6f6b-cd98d29 ro quiet splash

Error 17 File not found

Press any key to continue

Desperately seeking help as I have no clue what this means, or what to do to remedy this. Can anyone please help?

Thank you!
I neglected to mention that when I press 'any key to continue,' it just goes back to the various choices and subsequent attempts net the same response, no matter which one in the list I choose.

Thank you!
Hi again, barkhat.

This means that your menu.lst is pointing to the wrong drive. What method did you use to add Linux?

"GRUB isn't installed"
Normal Linux via partition
Hi again, Computer Guru,

I installed Linux Mint from an iso disc originally. I had it on a different computer. When I bought this new computer with Vista, I took the Linux drive out of the old computer, and just installed it into this one. (Hope I explained that right.)
Hmmmmm... You did read me wrong, but you answered a more important question right there: it won't boot because it's not compatible with this hardware.

That Linux has been set up for that particular old PC - the image of the OS isn't generic and can't just be plopped down any PC.

You'll have to install Linux anew to get that to work, at least that's what I've had to do in the past myself.