Error 17 file not found

The process I used, Installed Ubuntu onto hp laptop with vista pre installed via ubuntu cd, works good, wanted to make vista longhorn default bootloader, saved menu.lst file from ubuntu into place to be accessed by vista, booted into vista and installed easy bcd. opened easy bcd and went to manage bootloader and reinstalled vista bootloader. added neogrub bootloader and hit configure. opened menu.lst file and copied entire contents into the configure area. I saved it and when I try to boot using the neogrub bootloader it brings up the options to boot into ubuntu but when it begins to boot into ubuntu it gives me the error 17 file not found. I'm just not sure if I should copy the entire contents of the file into the configure applet.
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Error 17 indicates that one or more of the paths referenced in menu.lst are incorrect.

Double check the names of all files, and more importantly, the drive numbers. If you use (hd0,1) when (hd0,0) is the right drive, you'll get an Error 17.
Thanks for responding I don't have a lot of technical knowledge. So please forgive me. I copied the menu.lst file directly from ubuntu and pasted it. I am not sure why I would have to change any information in it. I just want to be able to boot into both os with vista longhorn being the default. I need to figure out how to install a ubuntu bootloader with vista but I am having dificulty. Thanks again
not sure what you mean by code bbtags.

I posted it in default style and not in organic neoberry and it looks right to me. Not sure?


ok thanks
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