Error -5 from inflate error?


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Running vista on an Acer PC. Am only able to boot in safe mode. Purchased your cd and tried automated repair and got a message saying to use easyre for 2000. When I put in the commands you list in option two for manual repair I get a command not found response. So I try rebooting again, when it gets to my desktop my icons and keyboard do no respond and I get the following message

error -5 from inflate: (null)
error decompressing shell32.dll

at this point nothing works on the desktop, keyboard does not work but I still can move the mouse.

any suggestions?


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If you can boot the PC, even into Safe mode, the boot doesn't need repairing.
Your problem is a broken OS, and System Restore to a point before the problem would be your first course of action.


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Found out the two error messages were related to google drive, uninstalled drive and problem gone. However, the non responsive desktop has not been resolved. I tracked down the problem to the"network store interface service", disabling it in safe mode let we regain use of my pc but now I am unable to gain access to the Internet. Any suggestions?