Error 680 in XP


I have Vista and XP on 2 seperate HDD's. I initally installed EasyBCD 2.0 on Vista, that didn't work. I installed it on XP, works great. EasyBCD is still on Vista?
My problem is: Every time I boot in to Vista, restart, boot in to XP, I can no longer dial
out to connect to the internet. I get a Error 680 no dial tone. I can still dial out on Vista??
Thank you
EasyBCD is just an app for configuring the Vista BCD. It is not the bootmanager or loader.
What do you mean "that didn't work".
Whether you run EasyBCD on XP or on Vista, it does the same thing to the same BCD in the same place.
Having EasyBCD installed does nothing at all, just takes up a small amount of space. It has no effect on a running OS. It takes no part in booting or running the system.
As for your modem problems you need to make sure you have the latest drivers installed and working.
What provider are you using to dial up to connect to the internet? It is quite possible that their systems dont support Vista?

You are just having problems connecting in Vista right? Or is the problem start when you reboot from Vista back to XP and at that point you cant dial out?

In Vista check your device manager. Start>Right click on Computer>Manage. There on the left side click Device Manager. Make sure that there are no conflicts (Yellow triangles with ! in them) for your modem drivers. If you see any conflicts, especially with your modem, that is where the problem is.
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