error c000000e winload.exe fix for vista


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hello forum

this is a strange issue, the vista is booting properly, i've found this error in system recovery using f11 key options

don't know if i should be truly concerned, but in an attempt to access vista recovery i'm met with error c000000e, winload.exe missing

researched this and it seems error c000000e only applies to win7, i warrant a correction

win7 was previously installed on the presario i'm using unsuccessfully which required me to factory reset to vista

i'm wondering if win7 still exist on the c drive, in registry or otherwise and how to completely clean it

i can send screenshots if needed

any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated

thank you for reading

Mak 2.0

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Unless you formatted the drive before installing Vista again then yes there can easily be some left of the previous installs.