Error Code "No Valid Entries Found" ??


I get this message in an Error Code pop-up window whenever I start up Easy BCD.

My PC is running XP Pro and has (3) internal HDs.

How do I get "Valid Entries to show up ??
Does EasyBCD require the use of Vista ?

If so, I don't have Vista on this PC.

I want to be able to change the boot.ini folder to add multi boot options for each HD in my system.

How do I accomplish this ??
Hi Katmandu, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Yep, unfortunately EasyBCD is a Windows Vista BCD editor/manager - you'll need to use the Vista bootloader to take advantage of EasyBCD's power and versatility.

If you'd like to add new multi-boot entries to a non-Vista PC, you should make your changes to C:\Boot.ini - unfortunately, it's not that easy if you're wanting to add non-Windows entries to there, such as Linux, BSD, or OS X.