Error installing EasyBCD 1.7



I downloaded EasyBCD 1.7 and tried to install it but I got a NSIS error which says:
"The installer you are trying to use is corrupted or incomplete. ........................"

I downloaded it again from an other site but each time I get this error.
I tried 7 other sites but no result, not in Vista nor XP.
Both Vista and XP are up to date.

What is here going on ???? :booyah:

Hi Andre, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

It means that your ISP or your browser is caching the EasyBCD setup file. You can try downloading it from this thread's attachment and see if that does the trick for you.

This is not a problem with EasyBCD or NeoSmart Technologies' servers.
Only other explanation is that a program on your computer is corrupting EasyBCD's installer. This might be a mis-configured antivirus program or a serious threat like malware or spyware.

Try Start | Run | msconfig.exe
Set that to load your PC in diagnostic startup and reboot.
Try re-downloading and re-installing then.
Problem resolved


Because whole my pc is just reinstalled with one Vista partition and 2 xp partitions I had a look on the virus program.
On every windows I have installed Bitdefender internet security 2008.
- first I disabled the on acces scanner -----> no improvement (file = 777kB)
- then I disabled the network scanner ------> no improvement (file = 745KB)
at last I removed completely Bitdefender --> file = 859KB
- I installed NOD32 virus scanner ----> file = 859KB
In my test windows I disabled the checking of archives and selfextracting files of Bitdefender ----> file = 777KB

It seems there is a bug in Bitdefender internet security 2008.
I will inform the helpdesk of this strange behaviour ( sometimes 777 KB the other time 745 KB, but always toooooo small)

Thanks for your help

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Well, not really - EasyBCD is only 859KB, so you are quite close :tongueout:

But, generally speaking, if the file doesn't download right from the get-go, it's probably a problem with your firewall (BitDefender)
Last night I installed EasyBCD (859KB version) and everything works fine.
Vista on C: hd(0,0)
XP on E: hd(0,1)
XP on F: hd(0,2)

Thanks to guru