error loading operating system-help


I have a HP Pavillion running Vista, a year and a half old. I am not able to boot up all of the sudden. Message is "error loading operating system" and freezes there on boot up.
I am not able to start in safe mode or recovery mode.
I tried ' Neosmart vista recovery disc' but after it ran(a few times) it said it can't fix the problem. It seemed like it did not even detect windows loaded on the computer. Any other programs that may diagnose and fix this ?

I have Acronis true image home 2011 installed, so if I can get it to boot I should be able to pick a restore point and save my data. If I have to do a system recovery back to factory settings, I will, but that is my 2nd choice.

If anyone has ideas it would be greatly appreciated.

You should be able to boot with your Acronis disc to perform the recovery. You could try running chkdsk from the recovery disc though.
Thanks for the info.

What disk can I run chkdsk from? I don't have the Acronis disk, neighbor never returned it to me (again!). The Spotmau powersuite boot care disk and the Neosmart vista recovery don't give me the option to run chkdsk, do they?

Thank You
And if you have Acronis installed on a computer that is working open it up, pop in a new disc, and run the rescue media creator.
You might try making a disc below. It has lots of useful utilities. It sounds to me like your hard drive may have died. But perhaps on the other hand a virus messed with the boatload process.

Ultimate boot 503 or ver 5.0.3

CHKDSK is usually run from a DOS prompt. The command to fully check everything including blocks is as follows:

Chkdsk c: /f /r

Where C. is the drive to be checked the /f denotes repair and the /r fixes bad blocks or bad sectors on the hard drive.