error message when trying to boot PC-BSD

I'll try multiple configurations. If it doesn't work on a single disk, it won't work on two, but the opposite might.
Dru, I can't install it on the same disk. I have 11GB free space, when I try to create a new partition of any size I'm told

"Slice creation failed with the following message" and no message is shown.

Screen Shot 2011-06-29 at 11.37.45 AM.png

...and is the "Install Bootloader" checkbox at the bottom for the MBR or the bootsector? I'm assuming MBR, while the bootsector will automatically and always be installed?
Yeah, it was nightly snapshot from the 9.0 branch. I'll DL again and give it a try.


Dru, I'm getting the same thing with the July 1st snapshot. :S
Any idea how I can enable logging?
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