ERROR MESSAGE - You can try to manually recover the partitions with testdisk at command prompt


Hi Highly Respected Tech Brains out there greetings form Newbie Old Dog. I just purchased Easy Recovery Essentials after attempting all avenues. So I replaced my Lenovo B300 SATA Hard Disk Drive. And after watching the video presented by NEO SMART so I thought it would be an easy fix but only to encounter this bold red error message, "Unable to find any valid Windows Partitions on this computer! Make sure all hard disks are attached. If they've been lost due to corruption, you can manually recover the partitions with testdisk at the command prompt."

a. Checked and rechecked hard disk connections thrice actually.
b. Same problem no resolution.
c. As I have mentioned, an old dog not much of a computer geek so I begging for aid of sort
d. Abit info about my PC. Its a Lenovo B300, running on a NEWLY Installed similar HDD SEAGATE 500GB using Windows 7 Home Premium came installed yes from 2010 but highly reliable until now. Sad case eh?

question is how to I go about or work around this manually recovery process. is it via Easy Recovery Software or???? Or do I have to purchase more softwares? PleASE help i AM MY WITS END


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Someone out there may know the answers but just on case. please email Support for all EasyRE questions. All support5 for that product is via email. Good luck.
Hi Ex, Brit I have sent for email Support almost three days already and they said they would get a technician to attend to my concerns but still waiting and thank you for keeping in touch. Quiet disappointing actually after so much expectation
Hi japronto! If you replaced the disk, you won't be able to use testdisk to find and restore the partitions since they simply don't exist at that point. The support team should be able to get you a recovery disk for your machine that you can use to reinstall though, so do not despair!