"Error Opening BCD Registry"

I'm sure I'm probably the 50th guy to post this message but I looked through the forums and could not find a helpful answer from anyone.

My computer has 2x512GB SSD's, one running Windows 8.1 (primary) and one running Windows 7 64bit. I originally installed EasyBCD and it worked well for a few weeks until I started getting errors when logging into Windows 7.

I thought I could just uninstall Easy BCD and reinstall it but now when I do it says this:


I don't know what this .BCD file is and clearly I don't have it. Should I use one of the option in the "BCD Backup/Repair" option to "Reset BCD Configuration" or recreate boot files?


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
I'm not sure what changed in your configuration, but you should press 'Yes' and then browse to \boot\bcd on the boot partition.