Error Opening BCD Registry


See the attached JPG.

What is this error and how do I correct it, please?




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Neither. Win XP SP3 is installed. After this is stable using EasyBCD I plan to do a restore install of Win 7 to a different partition.
EasyBCD is an app for configuring the Vista/7 BCD.
XP pre-dates the BCD. It uses boot.ini to contain the equivalent information in a simple text file which needs no utility other than Notepad for configuring it.
In your case, that's not an error, just a statement of fact. If you reply "no", EasyBCD will start without opening a BCD.
What are you trying to achieve ?
EasyBCD has no function in XP, unless XP is part of a Vista/7 multi-boot.
After I am sure Win XP is stable and running OK, I plan to retore an image of Win 7 to a partition that is now empty. Then I want the two OSes to dual boot.

Just install EasyBCD to W7 after you've installed the OS and add an XP entry to the W7 BCD if it doesn't dual-boot automatically.