Error when invoking EasyBCD?



Ran EasyBCD and got this:


The system is working so what happens if I hit Yes? Will it corrupt something?

Jordan Krim
No that is saying that EasyBCD doesnt detect the BCD data or that it is corrupted. This will allow it to be fixed so that the system can boot.
Do You have Vista Jordan ?
EasyBCD is a GUI for the Vista BCD editor. If you use XP, there's nothing there to edit.
Yes i know. but only 2 really give you the aero look. TrueTransparency and Windowsblinds. Neither of them have a skin that looks exactly like Vista's. :wink:

I have used WB for a long time. None of the skins are a exact duplicate of Aero. True Transparency has something close. But it doesnt have that exact look to it either. The only reason why i think it is Vista. The buttons.

No skin i have seen for either of the XP items duplicate teh buttons exactly. This looks spot on for the look of Vista.

Yes i have done many things to get my XP to look exactly like Vista but everything fails. there is no exact skin that matches vista that i have found yet.
I bow to your expertise.
I don't use any schemes (audio or visual) on my XP boot. It's vanilla, straight off the CD, XP in all its gaudy glory, though I disliked the look of XP so much when I got it, that I "reverted" it to classic W98/ME on my previous PC, which is still the way it looks on there.
I only know that information cause i have tested all the different apps myself. I get asked those questions a lot about how to change the look of XP so it pays to know. Right now i have a Royale Remix theme that Microsoft just released.