Error while installing service pack-startup error


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I have a lenovo y430 laptop running windows vista 32bit. Im not sure which service pack i was installing. My anti virus software (bitdefender) recommended the update so I just hit ok. An error message came up and now my computer will not boot correctly. safe mode wont work either. When i try to start windows normally or from last known good configuration it just gets stuck on black screen with numbers 136/4000 something. I made the windows vista recovery disk and ran the repair once and it finished quickly but didn't work. So I ran it again and clicked system restore and it is stuck at the attempting repairs screen and won't let me cancel. I have system restore setup I can just not get to it. What do I do from here? Will turning off the computer while its attempting repairs screen damage my computer further? Thanks
Go to the command prompt and run chkdsk: chkdsk c: /r

Microsoft recommends disabling any antivirus program you may have on your computer during a service pack update. They also provide free support for issues with Windows Update.