Error : Windows Failed to start as a recent Hardware or Software is changed.

Hi Guys,

I am trying to help a friend of mine who has recently purchased a Desktop with Windows Vista 32 bit Home edition running. From yesterday , the PC wont boot.On pressing F8 and trying to log into Safe mode , a black screen appears with the following message " Windows Failed to start as a recent Hardware or Software is changed.Insert Windows installer disc. " . He doesnt have the Vista installer CD or DVD with him . Can the system be restored to its original settings using a recovery disc ?.It would be a great help if you could advice me on how to go ahead with it. I have seen the threads for the "Windows Vista Recovery Disc 32-Bit (x86) Edition" . Please let me know if i can use the same for the recovering it ?.

Thanks in advance
Hello, if your friend has a recovery disc (not obtained from this site) and his MS Certificate w/ product key (should be attached to the computer) than yes, you should be able to re-install Windows with that.
Yes, but our recovery disc cannot be used for re-installs, so it would need to be either a recovery disc from his OEM, the recovery partition on his computer if he has one and can boot from it, or a full retail Vista DVD. Otherwise, he'll need to contact his equipment manufacturer for a replacement.
You can try our recovery disk, not to reinstall, but to access the 2nd option screen after selecting "repair your computer" (bottom left 1st screen)
On that screen you'll see an option to use Vista system restore back to an earlier point.
Give that a try first.