esayBcd(32 bits) BUG! I Cant lauch it!

hey, guys ,thanks for ur hard work on this cool product!
whatever ving installed the latest easybcd or elder, the result always is i cant lauch it ! when i double-click the short-cut of it, nothing has happened! so can u tell me, ths a lot!
ps: i cant find the process of easybcd in task manager! and no error appears although i d-clicked it!
If you're replacing a very old copy of EasyBCD with a brand new one, try reinstalling after deleting the Users\Yourname\AppData\Local\NeoSmart Technologies folder.
HI all,

I have hp envy- 17 1190 model 64 bit win 7 OS, I want to use xp in it so, I tried installing xp by the way said in this tutorial "". After number of times I found drivers for my hard disk and installed XP OS, every thing went well I tried to Install and proceed through the steps as told in that tutorial, after step 9 I was not able to proceed further..... BCD gave me error saying " valid nt install not found" I tried changing the boot logger file from the forums which I got when googling about the problem... can any one Help me in this issue please, I'm very badly in need to install xp os in my 64 bit envy laptop with win 7.

Thank You in Advance,

Abilash PR