Ever Had Installation Problems With MS Office?

Hi Ex_Brit,
search in the Net a free Virtual CD-Mounter.
Like "Virtual CD_DVD-ROM WIN7 x86_x64 setup_magicdisc106".
Then is this Part with missing Virtual CD Mounter finish.

Computer Guru,
I will test a Installation with extracted Office 2007 Files from USB and from HD for you.
Now we have here in Germany Third April, 3:22 AM and I go in short time in my Bett.

My Office 2000 I have installed from my HD with extracted (Copys from the CD) Files without troble.

Now, I see, I have to much tested and so I work with the easyesd way.
If I have a ISO-File, I mount, if I have clear Files, I have my USB or HD.

My Office 2010 (from MS Original)I have all as extractet Files.
I do not remember, was this a ISO or not, it is to long ago.

Well, later the results here..

Greetings from Germany,

Well, here are my results from Office 2007 installation:
Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper -> will conect to WEbBrowser Zone (I have blocked for test)

Start is only with "setup.exe" in the CD root possible.
With *.msi are parts of Office for installing not possible (but you have a "Wish-Menu" for your favorites Applications to Install on you HD).
The Office 2007 CD is with a autorun.inf
In this autorun.inf is written:

I have installed for Test only "Excel 2007" from USB and from HD.
The Main Office Folder for this extracted Files was named "Office 2007" (same as the CD name).

So it is all time again possible to install Office from CD, HD and USB from an ISO-File or from extracted Files.

Please sorry for my very bad english..
Can I help again...write this here.

Yesterday I have activated my USB-Autorun-Inf on Win 7 x64 Ultimate.
So I Plug a (only my) USB in the USB slot of my Computer, the autorun.inf will work (super fine) and start Application and what I need.

Greetings from Germany,