Ever heard of TV Tuner card causing Lifecam malfunctions?


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This is really weird and happens in XP only. I have just installed an ATI TV Wonder 650 PCI card. The software includes drivers and the "Catalyst Media Center" - a bit like Windows Media Center where you can watch TV or DVD's or a slide show, or listen to FM Radio etc.
I'm assuming that it's this media center that is the culprit here as I didn't install it in Vista because it has its own media center which works fine with that card.
Now when I boot into XP the Microsoft Lifecam switches on and remains on. The only way I can turn it off is to open the camera's interface and close it again.
Also when I try to open "Properties" to make adjustments to camera settings it tries forever to find "lifcam10.msi" which is sitting right there where it's supposed to be in the setup file.
It's almost like something is corrupting the camera installation. I've reinstalled it 4 times now and am slowly going berserk here.
I've Googled the issue and can't find anything about it at all.

Well it was because I already had an ATI Video card that I got it...they work better together. ATI is actually AMD now - got taken over. Besides the card got good reviews and I got it at a better price on eBay than the only Vista ready alternative which was a Hauppauge.