Expand Video Card's Memory?


how do i allocate more memory for my vieo card
its a radeon x1650 pro pci-express 128 bit with 512 onboard ddr2
and i wanna give it more memory
what do i do
There is nothing you can do. It is a dedicated card. You would have to buy a new card with more memory in order to give it more memory.
you could very well overclock you gfx card and receive a little better performence ^_^

here are the three top sites from google,

SysOpt.com - Overclocking a Video Card
Overclocking your Graphics card for Newbies

the first two sites both make refernces to the third, it having the program they use to overclock, you can get it here: RivaTuner v2.06 download from Guru3D.com

i will be looking into this, i havent really overclocked much, save for built in bios stuff

it might also be smart to make sure you have the current version of your cards firmware, forceware for nvidia and catalyst for ATI


Drivers & Software
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^ thanks Guru

idk much on overclocking lol i think rivatunes will be fine for me with my nvidia card


starting GPU settings:
459 MHz on the Core clock
918 MHz on Shader clock
400 MHz on Memory clock

Overclocked setting (stable in desktop testing in game soon)
600 MHz on Core clock
1200 MHz on Shader clock
500 MHz on Memory clock

i stepped up the memory clock speed and screen went weird colors and system froze, it needed a reboot anyways lol
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RivaTuner is the best tool i have found. It does work on both nVidia cards and some ATi cards as well. But it is simple asn easy to use and it does overclock it nicely. Plus you can control fan speeds.

But in the spirit of the question he asked how to upgrade the Memory in his card. OC jsut boosts the card performance. :tongueout:
the mother board is above 945 chipset
u can also able to set video memory in bios i think
provided it should be onboard video card
in bios there is one option called DVMT = 128MB or MAx or 256MB like that
trying to play a game. says not enough video memory. just installed it. uninstalled other games not using. still says the same. i'm a relative novice at this and could use some help. can i get more freed up memory?
Not enough video memory means that you either have to buy a dedicated video card or you have to go into your BIOS and give more memory to your video settings.
If your using an on-board intel gfx chip, this may be your problem

a System Spec would be nice and we could tell more to help