Explanation of EasyBCD repair functionality in multiboot situation

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When does one employ BCD Repair function and or BCD deployment w/ MBR configuration options..
Have a multiboot Win7:Win7-2 + XP PC w/ Easy BCD installed. Single SSD contains the 3 O/S's.
I want to "Clone/mirror" the SSD for archival backup. Using AOEMI Backupper [Clone fx] sector to sector cloning process proceeds fine. Result : can only boot into the first active partition Win7. Win7-2 requests MS install disk and XP freezes on opening. Easy BCD shows the 3 listed O/S's in appropriate fashion.
1. The MBR and the Bootloader are OK for the first O/S but not adequate or corrupted for the other 2 O/S/s.
2. Message from MS in Win7-2 partition that it can not find winload.exe requests MS install disk but that
useless because reboot necessary. XP logo comes on but "freezes" .
3. Is it possible to "fix" this 2nd O/S via the "BCD Backup/Repair or Bcd Deployment (Write MBR) functionality FROM the SINGLE "launchable Win 7 O/S" or via another modality such as command line.
4. As I understand the MBR it is "macro file" on the first 512Mgb of the first sector which lists which O/S's are installed and where it is installed via the partition table The BootManager then specifies which O/S is first
launched. If someone could "EXAPND" my knowledge here, would be greatly appreciated.
5. Is repair of the 2 and 3rd O/S possible via EasyBCD in this multiboot situation?

Thanks for any thought or help


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Please keep to a single thread for your problem.
See reply in the other thread.
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