Explicit instructions again?

I've been laboriously working my way through installing Fedora 14 Linux on the second disk of a new computer with Windows 7 on the first disk. I planned to put grub on the second disk during installation, but the place where anaconda gave me the opportunity to do that went by me. So the first part of grub ended up in the MBR of the first disk. I've posted about this earlier and got instructions for how to go about fixing it, but i want to check that I have everything right before I go on.

I've now constructed a bootable grub CD which will allow me to boot either Windows or Linux. (I could also have done it with a Super Grub CD, but that involves a little more fiddling.) I need to boot into Fedora and put grub where I want it. I think

grub-install --root-directory=/boot /dev/sdb

will do that.

I checked the devices file in /boot/grub. hd1 is /dev/sdb and ((1,0) is /boot
so I think

grub-install /dev/sdb
should also do it.

I plan to use the first form, but I would like to know I understand things well enough, so tell me if I am right

Having done that, I believe I can use the grub CD to boot Windows. Next, I can use Easy BCD to fix the first disk's MBR. I can then also use Easy BCD to setup the Windows bootloader to (a) boot Windows or (b) go to grub on the second disk and boot Fedora Linux. Since I won't change the grub.conf file on the second disk, I should also have the option of using grub to boot windows, but that will be superfluous most of the time.

Have I got that all right?

Of course, I could first boot into Windows and use Easy BCD to fix the MBR, and then use the grub CD to boot Linux and run grub-install there. Then I could boot into windows and finally setup the Windows bootloader with Easy BCD.

Does it make any difference which order I do it in? Which is less likely to get me in trouble?.
I would recommend fixing Windows 7 first. You can do that with the Windows 7 recovery disk which you can make from the link below. Or you can do it from the Windows 7 install disk if you have it.

Recovering the Bootloader from within Windows:

If you can't manage to get into any version of Windows:

Then It simply insert the Fedora install disc and install Fedora again. This time put the GRUB-1 boot loader on the second hard drive.

Windows 7 recovery disk:

If you need to do any partitioning you can do that from either the disc below which is faster or any Ubuntu install disk in live mode.

Ultimate boot 503 or ver 5.0.3