External USB drive iso install problems


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Ok, the basic idea is I want a single external usb hard drive with multiple vista and up windows install .iso's on it. I already ran the bootloader in EasyBCD and copied ISO's of Vista and Server 2008R2 over to the external drive. The boot menu is fine, but after I choose one or the other at boot to install, the setup loads like its going to work, but where you would normally choose the drive and partition to install windows in, it give me the error "The required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing" and asks me to give it a driver. any idea what driver it wants, or how to get around that? Does it want drivers for the external drive or MB drivers for whatever? Any help is much appreciated.
Hi Patgt500,

I would advise creating setup USBs via the WIM feature and not the ISO feature. You'll have to extract the contents of the ISO to the USB, then use EasyBCD's WinPE feature (by locating install.wim and adding a new entry to it).