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I have a .exe consisting of many different poerpoint presentations. However, they are put in a fiel that has an auto play. This autoplay seems to have a problem and will keep on starting by itself. Any ideas of a program i can use to extract the files from the exe itself?
It uses auto-play media studio 5.0 buy Indigo Rose
i once did something to extract them to adobe image viewer then i tried to do that again and it didn't work
These are not normal powerpoint presentations that cannot be edited. They are packed in a program that when used allows you to go directly to the powerpoint through a list/ frontpage. i do not have direct access to the .ppt/.pptx files
WinRar can extract .exe files to a folder for you. Maybe that is what you are looking for?
I'm not sure i'll try it.
They seem to be compressed in this auto-play file or else i would have extracted them from the cd.
The thing is when i copy this file from the CD it will show each individual folder in the .exe being copied to the copy location. So ill try WinRar and see, thanks.
P.S. they're aren't self extracting its a program.
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I have used WinRar to wxtract the nVidia drivers to isntall them manually. So i dont see why this wouldnt work fo you on this. I mean if you can extract a driver installer you should be able to extract this. :wink:
I doubt you'll be able to extract it. Indigo Rose makes setup programs (I used them once, was recommended by the author of TweakVI), not self extractors.

Solution: run the program, and as soon as it's loaded, do start -> run -> %temp% <enter>
Sort the view by "Last Modified" and search for a folder with those ppt ppx pot extensions.