failed to add entry message

I used your manual about how to install WinXP after Win Vista / Win 7. I did it exactly to "a tee" as requested installing WinXP on a separate drive and having already installed Win 7 on another HDD. The procedure was not that easy as many steps were not described in the instructions (drivers, etc). Anyway - everything went well, even if with some difficulties, and after a couple of hours I finally and happily came to the point when I should Add New Entry. And that was the end: a message window appeared saying: "Failed to add entry... System could not allocate the required space in a registry log".
In the View Settings of EBCD there was only one entry for Win 7.
After several attempts ending with the same result I restarted the computer which, of course, boot into Win 7.
Now I can boot into Win 7 only. EBCD was installed on the disc with Win XP.
So would anyone be so kind to give me an advice about how to get my double boot options EasyBCD promised?
I am not a computer guru and I'm not supposed to be - EasyBCD should do the job... :wink:


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Further proof: Error Message:

Usually caused by a corrupted filesystem, as few people literally have zero bytes free space on a partition these days.


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Ouch! I thought I had mentioned that as the solution. My apologies.