Failed to restore to selected restore point

I've come to " Failed to restore to selected restore point 3x now. The first date was 8/1/16, I saw the restart pop up, didn't know if it was successful with 8/1/16 date, I'm assuming not because I hit restart and went thru the restore process again with a new restore date of 1/1/2009 with the message now saying " failed to restore to selected restore point. There are no icons, no window start button, nothing except the wrong date at the top, a leaf at the lower left corner and a piece of paper?
The window now says:
Failed to restore to selected restore point
Unmounting volume..Done.
System Restore operation completed successfully!
There is a restart button and back button available.
What should I do now?


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Restart I would imagine but what Neosmart software is this about?
Recovery CD for Windows 7 home on my laptop. The Recovery CD did not fix or bring back windows. I originally had a " 0xc00000e9 " code, which led me to the Neo Smart Technology site. Then I had a "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press any key. After running the recovery disk I have a green grass screen saver with a leaf in the lower left corner and a recovery icon on the desktop. No wifi available, no windows start button, nothing.
The first restore point date was 8/1/2016 now it is 1/1/2009. I gave up, I believe now the hard drive is gone and looking at prices of hdd and cd's to with it it is cheaper to get a new laptop. I really wish I hadn't been directed to Neo Smart website...waste of $20.00. Lesson learned.