failed to write MBR


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I removed a Win 7 installation and want to get rid of the Win 7 bootloader. In EasyBCD I changed the setting from "Install the Windows Vista/7 bootloader to the MBR" to "Install the Windows XP bootloader to the MBR". Pushed the button "Write to MBR"

Nothing happened, after reboot the Win 7 bootloader came again and the settings in EasyBCD had not been taken.

What do I wrong?


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sadly received no reply, but could solve the problem by updating easyBCD from 2.1.2 to 2.2. Now I have my old Win XP bootloader back. I strongly recommend to install version 2.2


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Sorry for lack of response, but what you describe having done (with any build of Easy), should have worked perfectly, so advice would only have been "try again!"
No idea what kind of glitch could have occurred since that feature of Easy is unchanged in several years, and definitely works fine.
Nevertheless, your advice to use the latest build is heartily endorsed for many other reasons.