Failed Windows Reinstall created an boot option - how to get rid of its after effect?


Recently, I was doing a win 7, sp1 re-install. it stopped reinstalling and returned to the original install screen. When i reboot, 2 choices appear while booting/starting up.

i can select Win7 or another choice (i forgot what it was - something about win 7) so apparently the reinstall was incomplete and affected boot menu.

i used Easy BCD to clean up/ delete the offending boot which it did. but repeating myself, upon booting it presents a single option on the screen and then continues on. I speed it up by reducing the number of seconds waiting from 10 (which is the original default) to 5 seconds.

In a different previous situation, i reduced the time waiting to 0 seconds. The result- a quick flash on the screen and then booting/starting normally

there must be a way to correct this interference. I hope.

any suggestions?
i would reset the boot menu but what scares me is the following:

Resetting the BCD will remove all entries from your bootloader. Make sure to re-add new entries for your operating systems (directions here) before rebooting your PC!
i do not understand the (directions here).

what would happen if i just uninstall easy bcd from from my computer? will i be able to boot up the normal way before the problem?

It's the MS boot manager displaying the menu and controlling the boot, nothing to do with EasyBCD.
EasyBCD is an app you use from a running OS to manipulate the contents of MS's BCD.
Uninstalling it won't change anything in your BCD. The boot will continue as-is.
Only using it to fix the contents of the BCD will change the boot behaviour.
That warning is just to make sure you know not to go re-booting the machine with an empty BCD, and to make sure you add some data back in there first.
Even if you were to suffer a power cut and lose your system right at the worst possible moment, all would not be lost.
You can always boot from the installation DVD (or repair disk) and fix an unbootable system
Recovering the Windows Bootloader from the DVD - EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki
Just make sure you create a repair disc if you don't possess a MS W7 DVD before you start.
Control Panel > Backup & Recovery > Create Repair Disc
Thank you Terry. I appreciate it.

it looks like type 2 could be the answer. but i wonder, will this stop the dual option screen from appearing?