Fame at last


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I've made it onto the BBC website.
I filmed this in my back garden on Wednesday.
Typical journalists though, they got my name wrong.
We're currently experiencing the worst winter weather in a generation here.
It started snowing at the weekend, and every day it gets deeper.
In the 16 years I've lived here, we've only had snow 2 or 3 times and it has normally melted away within 12 hours.
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Yeah it really does look bad there. Where I live its the complete opposite with temps reaching 120ish in the summer in maybe 30 if we're lucky on a cold winter morning. Michael Cox? Yeah.. they really did ruin that one. Oh well... second identiy maybe? :smile:
Wow, that's some crazy moves!

It looks like it was enjoying itself.... but waaaaaaaaaaay weird.

Congrats, though :wink:
This is becoming a world-wide phenomenon !

(perhaps I should have got the stoat to wear a NeoSmart T shirt )


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I was just loading the dishwasher, and watching the BBC 24 hour news channel (or more accurately, watching BBC1, the main channel which had picked up the 24hour news feed overnight), and there was the stoat looking better than ever.
The BBC engineers (who obviously have far better editing facilities than I do), had slowed him down so that the full gymnastic detail of his behaviour was more evident.
Do they have the enhanced version on their site?

I'm surprised they're still discussing the stoat though... must be really something: )
Must've been a pain to edit. Maybe he was just trying to stay warm in the cold weather by moving as much as possible? Or maybe he just likes dancing in the snow :smile: