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Favorite Media Player?

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Which is it? WMP? WinAmp? or maybe your a itunes fan?

(anything that i have not added, will have to be added post-posting, due to a full poll, and i cant think of any other :tongueout: lol)

you may choose more than one. ^_^


This is a Dual-Booting Friendly Thread.
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Yeah, since version 10 it's been a really great program. It looks good, it's fast, it does almost everything you could need, it's easy to use, and it doesn't get in the way :smile:

I turn it on when I start my PC, minimize it to the taskbar, and keep it there (whether or not I'm listening to music or watching anything).
Well for music i use Zune software only cause i have a Zune and i have to have my music collection in there anyways to load onto the Zune hardware. So it just makes life easier that way. But for the most part WMP is the best. I jsut use Zune for convience.
i love winamp :tongueout:

WMP is good and all, but it costs me a alittle bit more then winamp does, and winamp can completely leave the screen, not just min to bar, and on my machine, with WMP min'd to bar it runs playing music (thats all i usually do) around: 23,500 K - 28,500 K while winamp, completely removed, and solely in the little tray icon, runs something around 7000 K - 9000 K.

and im pretty sure that i have the least amount of RAM here, with only a Gig, and i dont like higher costing programs, like my using a single all in one Instant messenger, instead on all the individual programs.

i can play games better with Winamp, then i can while WMP is playing, and i <3 winamp anyways :tongueout:
I use WMP, probably because i didnt try any others. But its worked fine for me so far, so i cant complain.
WMP and WinAmp for me! :smile: I used WMP most of the time last year, and near end I switched to WinAmp, thats what I use now. I don't even minimaze it, I just put it in left upper corner of my widescreen while I surf the internet. :tongueout:

I'm using MV2Player for video files.