Favourite "Techie Nerd" sites


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A new thread to share addresses of interesting websites

Here's one that's fun to watch or play with (drag and zoom), which will show you the current position of every earth satellite in real time. (requires Java)


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This is pretty interesting. I would never say there are so many of them. :wtf:


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imprtant question
if you can access there location wats to stop people from hacking into them to endless ends


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From what I understand, they have a client for just about every platform including all the major gaming consoles. No GPU for Linux though? What a shame...

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That isnt the GPU client. That is the CPU client. Running that on my old P4 would take over a week to complete a Work Unit. As where i can run the GPU client and complete at least 3 Work Units a day. The CPU client is only good if you run a Quad Core CPU. Then you run it in SMP and it can really take off. It may still take a couple of days to complete a WU but it is a much larger WU than is done on the GPU.


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oh ok


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hello malandrinho! ^__^ welcome

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