Fedora 10 Blank Screen


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I know this is not strictly a Fedora site but has anyone experienced what is happening to me.

Vista is already installed on a SATA drive and I am attempting to install to a partition that already exists on the same drive that I created when I installed Vista but did not format

I am following the wiki for setting up dual boot Vista/Fedora but I can't get past step 1...

Step One
Insert your Fedora CD into your CD-ROM drive and restart your PC. You'll see a screen like the one below; choose "Install or upgrade an existing system," then hit <enter> to begin.

When I do this I get many lines of file loading or whatever is going on and then my monitor displays 'No Video Input' (as if I had taken out the connector cable) and I can continue no further.

I suspect that the install procedure has reached the next step but that the previous step has failed to load some display driver or something similar (but I am guessing and I am new to Linux).

Please help if you can, this is new PC and I was really looking forward to experimenting with Linux as I hadn't really had the opportunity on my old 'banger'.