Fedora 13 over VistaHello to all multi-booters. Hopefully some of you are experiencin


Hello to all multi-booters. Hopefully some of you are experiencing the same situation I find myself in. Thanks in advance for any help you provide....
I decided to to try out Fedora 13 which I downloaded and installed to hdb via ISO image.
Formatted this drive through Vista, which resides on hda, for the exclusive use of Linux. I know windows will format FAT 32 and Linux sets partitions in EXT3 or 4, but I can't help thinking this may be where my problem lies. After many attempts at finding the correct boot partition for Fedora and searching the FAQ led me to the option #7 --"inherent problem with Grub"--try the Easy BCD 2.0 beta. Since Linux is installed on hdb, I ticked the Grub box as instructed, but was still unable to boot into Linux.
I've tried every partition listed without the Grub box tick also in search of the proper boot location, And in every instance in Entry #2 for second OS sets up as Drive :C. Is that a problem?
or is that just a reference to where Easy BCD 2.0 is located? Each different partition leads to a different Linux error message which was expected when pointing to Vista partitions on hda, but when pointing to the root where boot is located, I expected good results. I will get the exact linux error messages on my next post.
I can get to a fully functioning Linux OS, but this is only through a BIOS boot. which is a minor pain. By the way, can anyone tell me how to check if I have GRUB or GRUB 2 installed?
I had an XP/98/Linux triple with LILO several years ago without a hitch but no time on my hands to take on a new learning curve. Now with a little more time wanting to give Linux another go. Again, thanks for any advice.
Sounds like Fedoras moved to grub2 now? Try the grub2 entry for good measure. Should automatically find the correct partition, so you won't be able to manually adjust it.
I forgot to mention that my best case scenario trying all of the different options under the Linux tab and w & w/o the GRUB box ticked leads me to a GRUB prompt where I have to state the boot and root partitions, then load the kernel & init files!!!! to finally boot. I'm not a good typer, but thats way more bother than just using the BIOS option to boot directly into Fedora. Any help to get me into a GUI to load Linux would be greatly appreciated...
Complete Google fail on this one. Can't find out if Fedora 13 Goddard has or doesn't have GRUB 2.

... which probably means it doesn't. But I should find out.