Fedora 14 install failure with dual boot on Windows 7.


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I tried to follow the instructions at
THPC: Dual-Boot (install) Windows 7 and Fedora 14 leaving Windows in control on a Windows 7 computer - 1 hard disk

which appeared to work, with Windows 7 still booting OK.

Fedora, though, boots into a text page of what look like error messages then stops.

I've looked at the partitions 3 different ways, as follows

Looked at the partitions in Win 7. My comments follow the * on each
line... It reports the
100MB NTFS System Reserved (System, Active, Primary) *(hidden boot
C: 90.36 NTFS Healthy (Boot, PageFile, Crash Dump, Primary) *the Win7
53.71 Healthy (Primary) *The Linux partition
4.88 Healthy (Primary) *The swap partition

Fired up from my Ubuntu 10.4 thumb drive. Ubuntu reports...

160GB 97GB Filesystem * the Win7 partition
160GB Fedora-14-i686 Type: Unknown type, Size: Unknown

* and the Ubuntu "drive"

Then tried Gparted Live CD which reports

/dev/sda3 Ext4 _Fedora-14-i686 53.71GiB
/dev/sda4 Extended 4.88GiB
/dev/sda5 Linux-swap 4.88 GiB

and it reports that sda3 is not mounted and
sda5 is Not Active. (presumably correct)

Does any of this make any sense? Ubuntu doesn't seem terribly helpful.

The boot procedure looks as though it is pointing to the right things -
the Fedora boot going from the Windows hidden boot sector to the NST directory and
mst_linux.mbr on the Windows C: drive.

Some of the guides referred to on this site seem to have vaporised, so I have to ask for guidance.