Fedora 9 install failed


To dual-boot my new Vista computer with Fedora 9, I followed the fedora step-by-step installation instructions for EasyBCD. I allowed Fedora 9 to resize the partition and create a partition layout. (F9 defaults to using logical volumes, which I've never used.)

EasyBCD works and Vista boots but not Fedora. I see the Fedora boot loader screen after EasyBCD and some messages and then some errors, starting with "unable to access resume device (/dev/VolGroup00/LogVol01)".

Also, I note that EasyBCD does not recognize the partition containing the OS; when I add an entry, the drive drop-down looks like this for Disk 0:
Partition 0 (HPFS/NTFS - 11GB)
Partition 1 (HPFS/NTFS - 147GB)
Partition 2 (Linux native - 0GB)
Partition 3 (???? - 215GB)

If I boot from the F9 rescue disc, the Linux fs is mounted and everything looks in order. Anyone have any thoughts where I went wrong or what I can do to resolve this? Googling for this error suggests problems with swap and I don't see a swap partition... is this a problem with the F9 installer?
Fedora 9 uses software RAID by default, which stores data in an LLVM partition not readable to most operating systems (including other Linux distributions). It doesn't matter though because EasyBCD only needs to see the partition header and not the data on the partition, so it shouldn't affect your ability to dual-boot in any way.

Now as for the error message you're seeing: so long as EasyBCD is connecting to the Fedora bootloader and the boot process begins, this is no longer an EasyBCD issue but rather a problem with your Fedora installation itself - it's telling you there's something wrong with the configuration/setup, so you'll need to sort that out with the Fedora people.

Good luck.
I resolved this by re-installing F9 from DVD and manually choosing the layout. Now I am dual-booting fine. So, I agree; I think it was an installation error, nothing to do with EasyBCD.