Fedora/XP/Win7 question


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I had a dual boot XP32/Win7-64bit setup (with Win7 as the bootloader. I added Fedora 11 to that, so now I have a triple boot with Fedora/grub as the initial bootloader, which defaults to switch to the Win7 bootloader if a key is not pressed to boot Fedora.

This all works fine; the default flow is

Fedora grub boot,
if key press -> boot Fedora
if no key press -> load win7 bootloader
XP (default)

The issue is, that if I use the Win7 bcd (or easy bcd) to change the default boot on the Windows side, it accepts that and reports Win7 as being the default, but continues to boot to XP.

Can I use Neogrub, or do something else to get my desired behavior, which is to boot Win7 by default, with choices for XP and Fedora?

Thank you.

1) Enter Fedora and copy the contents of your /boot/grub/grub.conf to a safe place (stick them here in a reply if you like).
2) Boot into Windows 7 and run EasyBCD.
3) EasyBCD | Bootloader Management | Reinstall Vista MBR
4) EasyCD | Add/Remove | NeoGrub
5) Configure NeoGrub
6) Paste the Fedora configuration here, but changing the timeout to 0.
Or after reinstalling the Vista/7 bootloader in EasyBCD, you can just add an XP entry to the BCD with Easy 2.0 (after first removing the first one), letting it auto-configure, and add a Linux entry to boot Fedora.